A yearly survey has found that 48 per cent of people across the world are not eating a nutritious diet which is contributing to an unhealthy weight. The survey analysed the latest data on nutrition and related health issues and found that the world will be unable to meet eight out of nine nutrition targets set by the World Health Organisation (WHO). These include reducing child wasting, child stunting, adult obesity and maternal anemia.

The findings released in the Global Nutrition Report (GNR), estimated that nearly 150 million children under the age of five years have stunted growth due to malnutrition while 40 percent of adults (2.2 billion people) are overweight or obese.

This state of affairs has come about because people in low-income countries aren’t able to consume a varied, balanced diet that includes fruits and vegetables while people in higher-income countries have a high intake of red meat, dairy and sugary drinks.

“Our global findings show that our diets have not improved over the last ten years and are now a major threat to people’s health and to the planet,” Chair of the GNR’s Independent Expert Group Renata Micha told AFP.

“Animal-source foods have generally higher environmental footprints per product than plant-based foods,” the report said.

“Consequently, they were responsible for the majority of food-related greenhouse gas emissions and land use, with particularly large impacts from beef, lamb and dairy.”

The report has called for urgent funding to improve nutrition worldwide and has estimated that annual spending on nutrition must increase by nearly $4 billion if any of the UN targets are to be met.

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