Twitter is getting serious about shopping.

In June, the company launched a pilot version of an in-app shopping module. And now, the company will let users shop while watching a livestream.

The feature is called Live Shopping, and it allows you to check out and purchase items during a livestream. It lets you switch between the shopping tab and the livestream, and you can continue watching the stream even when you’re making a purchase on the third party merchant’s website.

The experience will be seamless, Twitter claims.

The company is piloting the new feature in collaboration with Walmart. The first Live Shopping stream will go live at 7pm ET on Nov. 28, starring Jason Derulo, who will host a 30-minute show featuring a bunch of products that users will be able to buy right there and then.

Twitter also said it would be expanding its Shop Module to more merchants in the U.S. “in the coming weeks.” Finally, the company is launching the Twitter Shopping Manager, which will give merchants a better way to control how they’re displayed on Twitter.

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