A learning and accountability survey conducted in the slums and Katchi Abadis (scattered settlements) of Karachi has revealed that around 38 per cent of residents don’t have daily water access.

46 per cent also lack drainage and garbage collection systems. The survey, which included Karachi’s district West (Korangi and Malir) and Lahore, was conducted by Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi in collaboration with the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office.

A total of 114 slums, 2,275 households, 2,285 mothers and 6,411 children (aged 3 between 16 years) were surveyed. It was reported that 18 per cent of slum-dwellers received water once in 15 days or more.

About 33pc of the households have access to the internet. 3pc have no access to toilets at all and are forced to defecate openly. 82pc of children are enrolled in schools but this drops to 38.1pc (girls 42pc and boys 58pc) when early year enrolment is considered. This is opposed to the 53pc enrolment rate in urban districts. While, around 63pc of households have smartphones.

The findings also showed that almost 50pc of the mothers and 44pc of the fathers living in the slums were illiterate. Joint Secretary Waseem Ajmal appreciated the report, adding that it would help in taking the right policy actions to improve learning outcomes.

“One of the key challenges of modern education system is how to make it more inclusive and equity oriented. Some segments can afford better education but others remain disadvantaged,” he said in a statement.

From : pk.mashable.com

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