Islamabad police have decided to install more closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras at the police stations to ensure smooth functioning in policing affairs and transparency in all process.

The directions to install more camera in the police stations has been given by the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Islamabad Qazi Jamil ur Rehman.

As per IGP Qazi’s directions, CCTV cameras will be installed at offices of Station House Officers (SHOs), Muharrars and lock-ups.


All these cameras will be directly monitored through control room set up at Safe City also having connectivity with Central Police Office and DIG (Operations) office. With the help of recordings collected through these cameras, the police authorities aim to address complaints against policemen on merit and to improve dealing of police with the public.

Earlier, complaints of inmates being tortured in the lock-ups surfaced, however, due to no cameras transparent investigation could not be made possible. Now, with the help of these cameras, torture complaints in lock-ups will be addressed while transparent monitoring will be ensured through it, the police authorities said.

The IGP Qazi Jamil ur Rehman said that latest technology is being used for transparency in policing affairs and installation of cameras would assist to improve the culture at police stations.

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