The first ever Nobel Prize Summit, ‘Our Planet, Our Future’ convened Nobel Prize laureates along with scientists, policy makers and global leaders to discuss how a more sustainable, prosperous future for humanity can be attained during this decade.

The virtual event held between 26-28 April featured webinars, discussion sessions, live performances and theatre. Speakers explored solutions to some of our greatest challenges: climate change, biodiversity loss and increasing inequality. The summit addressed how societies can distinguish facts from fiction in a new information era and discussed how our collective response to the pandemic can prepare us for future crises.

Nobel Prize
Nobel Prize

In a joint 2,300 word statement, experts noted that the challenges we are facing our “inextricably linked” and threaten the enormous gains we have made in human progress.” The Nobel winners warned that “without transformational action this decade, humanity is taking colossal risks with our common future.” The “global commons”—ice, land, ocean, freshwater, forests, soils and diversity of life that regulates the state of the planet— must be restored before time runs out. They added that the next decade is “crucial” as there is now an “existential need to build economies and societies that support Earth system harmony rather than disrupt it.” Signatories included economists Joseph Stiglitz of Columbia University and Oliver Hart from Harvard, Biologist Elizabeth Blackburn of University of California, San Francisco and astrophysicist Brian Schmidt of the Australian National University

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