Amazon says tech corporations are ‘Bernie Sanders of employers’ as a result of senators help union efforts

Dave Clark is loud night breathing.

Amazon on Wednesday tweeted in regards to the alliance’s ongoing efforts on the firm’s completion heart in Bassmer, Illinois. Sean Bernie Sanders of employers was the topic of his tweets. Senator Vermont has to help the employees who need to kind unions, who allegedly visited Bismarck on Friday.

Clark is certainly one of Amazon’s high executives. He joined the corporate in 1999 and took over as World Extensive Shopper CEO this yr as Senior Vice President of Operations Worldwide for 8 years.

We reached out to Amazon for added feedback and can replace if we hear a response. UPDATE: Amazon says it has no remark or assertion following Clark’s tweet.

Simply earlier than Sanders tweeted about it, Clark additionally tweeted Sanders’ communications director, explaining the corporate’s choice to implement a 15 15 minimal wage.

Greater than 5,800 staff in Alabama are presently voting by mail below the Retail, Wholesale and Division Shops Union. This is a crucial vote for lots of of Amazon staff, if no more so. Voting ends subsequent week.

Sanders is talking out on Shanghai’s efforts in Alabama. Earlier this month, he invited Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to the Senate Funds Committee listening to on earnings inequality.


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