Xbox Live is out, and in the ‘Xbox Network’, as soon as Microsoft resumes its online service

ایکس باکس براہ راست
(Xbox Live is out Photo)

18 years later, Microsoft is retiring the Xbox Direct brand and xbox live is out.

Members of the Xbox Internal Program, an opt-in service that gives users early access to new Xbox features, reported that their Xbox UI began to live with the “Xbox Network” instead of references. Is. Similarly, Microsoft’s service agreement was updated in August, not to mention directly.

As of this afternoon, Microsoft has confirmed that the branding shift was deliberate.

“Xbox Network refers to the basic Xbox online service, which was updated in the Microsoft Services Agreement,” a Microsoft spokesman told GeckoWire by email. “The purpose of the update from Xbox Live to ‘Xbox Network’ is to separate the core service from the Xbox Live Gold subscription.”

Since its launch on the original Xbox in November 2002, the built-in service known as Xbox Live has not changed much in the overall experience.

This represents another part of the shift released by Microsoft to end Xbox Live Gold, a subscription service for Xbox to play online for synchronized games in favor of its recent offering. Is worth

An attempt to increase the purchase price in January – which is thought to have come at a time when Microsoft was trying to persuade consumers to go to the press, but the high-priced Xbox game pass quickly Was closed

Xbox Live is out In its original form, Xbox Live is the biggest reason Xbox is shutting down at all. At the time of its release, Live Console Play was an innovative way to bring network play to the market. None of these competitors, the PlayStation 2 or GameCube, offered online access to the box, and when they did, it was through a cloned non-standard lobby system. If Xbox Live is out Branding is coming to an end, this is a quiet end to the history of gaming.

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