Celtic: McClellan discusses shaving deal

Winger Marion Shed is negotiating a summer season cope with Kiev Mikhail Klingik.

Shaving deal That is in line with a report within the Day by day File [print edition 20/3/21, p.60], cited by 67 Dwell.

The 23-year-old has been notably impressed with the debt-ridden Belgian because the New Yr’s flip scoring 14, collaborating in all competitions 4 occasions and registering three killers.

The shaver, who’s on the identical wage as David Turnbull (7,500 per week), has a contract with Hopes in 2023.


Do you assume Celtic ought to have had an opportunity?


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He has simply made his look for 3 golf equipment in Glasgow in 2019 for 1.8 million, and it appears to be like like he may say goodbye to Park Head within the coming months.

Resort switch

Shaved is not going to be the one summer season participant to maneuver completely to Belgium this summer season. Hopes defender Jack Hendry has additionally starred within the Zuster Professional League, together with Ostendy, who seem like eager to activate the Choice Two buy clause on the finish of the present marketing campaign.

It appears to be like like within the coming months, rebuilding on and off the pitch will probably be an enormous parkhead, and Shed and Hendry’s alternative is simply starting.

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