Tottenham is on alert for Antonio Rodgers

In keeping with a report by soccer insiders, Tottenham Hotspur – and by extension Daniel Levy – are warnings for Chelsea defender Antonio Rodiger if a brand new deal is signed to increase Germany’s worldwide keep at Stamford Bridge. Cannot agree on when he can be in North London final summer time.

Rodgers has been in good type for brand new Chelsea supervisor Thomas Tochel since his appointment. Soccer insiders), and was reportedly set to supply a bumper cope with the Blues, which alerted Tottenham.

At present is an alert for Antonio Rodgers

Actually, if negotiations for a brand new deal break down, the Spurs are reportedly ready within the wings to take benefit, with supervisor Jose Mourinho reportedly wanting a alternative for Tottenham, who relies on Virgil Van Jack Are in cost and Rubin has signed the collection of dyes (night normal) belongs to.

The 150,000 per week clusters, that are 1.9 meters in diameter, have been referred to as a ‘actually sensible signature’ for Spurs by Pandit Kevin Phillips when Tottenham have been added final summer time. Is.

Lodge switch

Phillips believes the German single-handed participant is evident about his return to type beneath Tochle, but it surely stays to be seen whether or not the proposed Chelsea deal will break down.

Nevertheless, Levy is cautious of the state of affairs, conserving an in depth eye on developments throughout London with the Spurs.


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