Henry Winters sends message to Liverpool

There is no denying the fact that Liverpool are under a lot of pressure.

The Reds lost to local rivals Everton in their fourth consecutive home defeat in the league after World War II. 2-0 Saturday evening at Anfield.

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A goal by Richardson in the first half and a controversial penalty by Gulfi Sgurdsson ensured the visitors took three points and extended the Jurgen Klopp tragic race.

Nevertheless, Henry Winter, a respected journalist for the Times, spoke on Liverpool’s current predictions.

The cold answered

Tavern Verdict Transfer

Liverpool have had a lot of knee-jerk reactions to this difficult spell so far. It was well documented that his impeccable run would end sometime in the last two seasons.

The cold has hit the nail on the head. Klopp has turned half of Mercedes into a European powerhouse and a team that is feared around the world.

We strongly believe that finger pointing is happening right now. In fact, supporters need to come together and return to the manager at the very end, even if they are ending the season.

In other news, Liverpool fans respond to a call from “Argentine Jack Graylish”.

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