Protestant Q followers nonetheless assume Trump is president, Nationwide Guard prepared

Safety consultants warn right-wing embrace of conspiratorial ideology reveals widespread prejudice As their very own social gathering be shaped. Lots of these concerned within the violence within the capital wore the Kevin brand or had Q-related symbols.

Throughout the election, a 20-year-old voting contractor in Georgia is going through dying threats after campaigning in opposition to who was affected. Trump, in the meantime, is firing long-winded arrows at Fb, together with the identical charts and graphs that Cue makes use of.

Shortly after the election, paramilitary teams, Kyu On conspiracy theorists, and different Trump supporters gathered in Nevada final weekend to struggle the election outcomes.

Two armed Virginians arrested in Philadelphia for attempting to ship faux weapons. His automobile had a QAnon paraphernalia.

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Henry Winters sends message to Liverpool

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