Hot water of Australian news ban

Facebook has been criticized for banning news in Australia. The company banned Facebook after it tried to force Facebook to pay for news content shared on the platform.

This is the latest example of Facebook in trouble with access to news. In the weeks leading up to the 2020 election, operators of some of Facebook’s major liberal pages reported a dramatic drop in activity.

In August, Facebook fired a senior engineer who collected data showing that the company preferred to write accounts. The move comes after employees questioned Zuckerberg for support for Facebook in general, right-wing accounts in particular, and Wright Bretard.

While many conservatives believe Facebook is biased against them, social media employees fear the opposite is true. He says conservative shops and voices such as Brett Bart, Charlie Kirk, Diamond and Silk, and Prague University, despite spreading misconceptions, all receive “special treatment” from the platform.

NAACP President Derek Johnson called Facebook a “threat to democracy.” He is one of the leaders who is boycotting Facebook, and he has said that the boycott will not end until Facebook changes.

Despite tremendous pressure inside and outside the company, Facebook has so far refused to change its policy on fact-checking on political ads. Earlier this week, a series of advertisers added their weight to the pressure campaign: Patagonia, North Face, REI and Ben & Jerry. Right now, pulling Verizon out of their money, traditionally “hippie” companies like Ben and Jerry’s aren’t surprised, but Verizon isn’t generally known for its political stance, so it could be huge.

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