The last location of the three climbers, including Pakistan’s Muhammad Ali Sadpara and two foreigners, who went missing while attempting to summit the world’s second highest mountain K2 has been traced through satellite images.

As per reports, the satellite images that helped Pakistan trace the last location of the climbers were shared by Iceland and Chile. The last identified location of the mountaineers has been traced where the GPS of the team got off.

Meanwhile, the authorities are also preparing for the biggest rescue operation at K2 for the missing climbers, which will be carried out with the help of satellite pictures.

Ali Sadpara’s son, Sajid Sadpara in a twitter post earlier today said that the search operation for the climber will begin again from 11 AM on Saturday.

He wrote that C130 aircraft and latest technology is being used to monitor the locations and traces of the missing climbers on the K2 Mountain, adding that land operation will begin after gathering further intel today.

Sajid Sadpara was among the four climbers who went to summit the K2 peak, however he returned after his oxygen gas kit malfunctioned at the Bottleneck point. He reached Skardu safely earlier this week. On the other hand, his father and other climbers are missing since last contact.

The land and aerial search to find the missing climbers was kicked off by the Pakistan Army rescue teams after the climbers failed to make any contact, however, the army failed to trace any clue of the team.

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