The Senate races are a stun and a stun

Shopping center Course (Gaddafi Bud) Senate Political decision Before September Equity in Punjab Bhanna Jhatka Mafargarh Part Punjab Meeting Sardar Khurram Leghari

Sardar Khurram Leghari won’t be permitted to leave the gathering, Khurram Leghari will leave the gathering in a conventional public interview and will declare the reasons, Khurram Leghari has guaranteed. It will likewise leave me a gathering of 5 additional individuals.

Khurram Leghari is of no utilization. There will be no conference when pundits speak loudly on issues. Imran Khan had raised the trademark of youth yet left it. I have an inquiry from Imran Anian. I have an inquiry. I have an inquiry. I have an inquiry. I have an inquiry. I have an inquiry.

Sardar Khurram Leghari was chosen for the Punjab races from the post of Emerman Chasak Power Metal Value Control a couple of months prior.

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