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Minimal Readership




When we talk about Facebook monetization, so many of found an error “minimal readership” now this topic leads to a various questions, like

a. what is minimal readership error

b. how we can remove minimal readership

We can first describe why minimal readership error occur?

Ans: When someone apply through facebook for instant article monetization, this error occurred when after getting your website ready to post articles on Facebook. This is because of you made a new website and there is no traffic on your website initially. When you apply and you got this error, you contact with facebook support team so that they will respond you in 24 to 48 hrs and inform you that your site have no traffic no readership and its new at all. So after 03 months lapsed and your site got traffic or readership, so you can reapply for monetization.

secondly how we can avoid this error or can remove minimal readership.

For that we need our website to get more traffic daily as to increase its readership. And have to wait for almost 03 months. For increasing traffic need to do an SEO (search engine optimization) for your website. And for SEO their are many tools available online or may hire an expert who can do SEO of your website through different techniques.

So here is another question generated


How much traffic required on website

Facebook did not mention this in there advertising and business policies yet. But site at least have required 10000 to 15000 readers per month as per google search.

Moreover here we also like to share a small tip related with facebook monetization policies

That is in Pakistan having a facebook business page than eligible for instant articles and brand collaboration monetization tools. But not for in stream ads, because in Pakistan Facebook is not providing in stream ads  monetization facility.

Another question is

Are facebook instant articles worth

So yes, as per google search it guides that the facebook instant articles very helpful in engaging the audience through facebook. Mobile users can get instant articles immediately on there mobile screen however desktop users redirected towards website. So both channels can be facilitated with facebook users traffic.



Does the website traffic matter for Facebook instant articles

Readers directly access on website doesn’t effect facebook instant articles traffic, but the users from facebook reading article on desktop when clicks on it, rerouted to the website, so it is helpful in getting more traffic on website through facebook.

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If want to check the eligibility for Instant articles:

Go to your page and click on publishing tools. There you need to select your business profile properly about which you want to check eligibility.

and then it will show to you completely like an image below.



How many page followers required for instant articles monetization eligibility criteria?

Than click on monetization tab and than click on instant articles. Business page will be eligible for instant artcile monetization after 1000 page followers.

What are the requirements for Instant articles?

  1. You must have Facebook page authorized to proceed with Instant articles.
  2. Need a blog website in WordPress.
  3. Write articles by you or get it written by any article writers.
  4. A website must be an 90 days older to get approval
  5. A website must have a good traffic of users on daily basis.
  6. Website blogs based on anything, it may be daily news or any other topics
  7. And the most important thing beware from the scammers who are selling hacked domains in 100 to 500$.
  8. That domains may get blocked at any time.

For more details or trainings about instant articles you may contact at the Gmail ID below.

Thank You

Mr Rizwan Rafique
Chief Visionary Officer at AR Consultants

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